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Whats Life?

Scientifically a human life is a well oiled functioning machine. We breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, our hearts are pumping oxygenated blood and our brains are sending out electrical impulse signals to our bodies so we can move, talk and use our senses to live everyday life, our organs doing their part to keep us alive, but is that really life? Scientifically we hear ourselves saying YES, but is that all we need to live?

I always thought life was somewhat an aspect of existence only but we have feelings too. We are not robots. Our personalities make us who we are and how we are known. Well let me tell you, now that I am in my late thirties, I look back at myself and my life and think I really have come this far through the thick & thin the highs & lows and still going strong.

So for me life is living for loved ones, life is helping others, life is building memories, life is seeing others laugh & laughing with them, life is about giving and receiving love, care & passion, life is being healthy so I can see my children grow up to be good human beings, life is good loyal friendships with trust & picking each other up in their time of need.

But is life so straightforward as we plan it? Not without its share of ups and downs.

Hopefully I will share some of my life lessons, my thoughts and my wisdom with you all.

Love Mee XoXo

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