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Mental Health

We live in such a world where mental health means so less to the people who have never been affected by this. Today we hear words like depression, insanity, lunacy, madness, nervous breakdown, hearing voices, talking to themselves and the harshest of all suicide, but is mental health really taken seriously in the society we live in. Just explaining depression to my mother was hard because not coming across such issues in her life indicated she was oblivious to such subjects.Its not because they didn't come across these issues its because these issues were never taken seriously or openly talked about and were easily brushed under the carpet and ignored.

But is ignoring really the answer to the problem?

Being ignored when you most need the help then leads to much more drastic steps like suicide. We then ask ourselves, what leads to such issues and why? There is no specific answers to our questions but things like over worrying, over thinking, mulling over issues we can not change, problems that seem never ending, getting trapped in a vicious circle of life, drugs, alcohol or maybe even worse gambling can cause severe mental health issues. Maybe there are many more reasons that we are not aware of, but is it not important to find out such reasons that lead to such an illness? We often hear ourselves asking why did he/she take their life? What could be so bad for someone to take these fatal steps? Ask yourselves first did you do anything to help that person? We often hear people discussing or joking about such issues, being inconsiderate and ignorant does not help out society. Jokes can be taken seriously because you don't know the other persons state of mind and situation.

How can we help each other get through these tough times? All I know is that if your a true friend and truly care you will notice something is wrong if you communicate with each other more often. Yes we have very busy lives but surely you we can spare some time aside for friends, elderly parents, elderly relatives, family or someone you generally know who just wants some company. A nice catch up over tea/coffee & cake never does anyone any harm, instead this will help you and the other person to relieve some stress and give a sense of relief. There a saying a problem shared is a problem halved which I have always gone by and this has helped me in many ways in staying sane till today.

I have faced numerous problems in my life but I have never kept my problems locked up deep inside, I always opened up to someone whether it be my friends or family. This made my life so much easier and I stand with confidence to face my problems head on even today. There is always a solution to any problem anyone is facing. Maybe not an easy solution is available but there is always one and that does not include taking your own life.


stay silent. Life is very precious so live it to the max and talk about your problems don't keep them locked inside.


Till next time stay safe & help each other!

Love Mee XoXo

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